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A pleasing arrangement of parts
Knowing the residents


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A pleasing arrangement of parts

Several months ago, I heard that an old friend had moved to a place called Harmony House, a residential care facility.  When I visited her I found one meaning of Harmony applied here; "a pleasing arrangement of parts".  Kind, omnipresent care givers, team work, inspiring activities, comfortable furnishings, sparkling clean beautiful environment.  All needs are anticipated.  It is truly the best long term care facility I have ever seen.  I look forward to visiting weekly.

Knowing the residents

Knowing the residents is the key to a well run facility.  The caregivers at Harmony House are great, they know the residents very well, from their personalities, to their behaviors,  to their likes and dislikes, to their specific care needs, the caregivers do a top notch job and it shows.
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