Assuring... Dignity, Comfort and Security
Harmony House is a unique place where people suffering from Alzheimer's and other dementing diseases can still enjoy life.  People don't lose their humanity when they lose their memory skills.
What people who live with a dementing illness lose is their ability to live comfortably in society.  They don't remember the rules the rest of us live by and they no longer fit in.
Harmony House provides a society where individuals can live entirely in their moment.
They fit in because the flow of activity is designed to meet their special needs.  
Enjoyment of life takes a different form at Harmony House.  Life here is less complex and the focus on routines of play and activities, appealing meals and rest are nurturing and simple. 
Dementia residents can blossom in a social setting where they are not defined by their deficits but rather encouraged to excel within their abilities and memories.
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